Volunteer Grants

Volunteer Grants aim to support the efforts of Australia’s volunteers. The grants provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers.

The objectives of Volunteer Grants are to:

  1. Help community organisations to support the efforts of Australia’s volunteers
  2. Help community organisations to support the inclusion of vulnerable people through volunteering
  3. Encourage, support and increase participation in volunteering.

Grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 are available to eligible not-for-profit community organisations. A total of $66,000 has been made available for each electorate.

This funding is to be used to:

  • Purchase eligible small equipment items for use by volunteers
  • Contribute to volunteers’ fuel costs
  • Contribute to transport costs for volunteers with disability who are unable to drive
  • Assist with the costs of training courses for volunteers
  • Undertake background screening checks for volunteers.

Items that are NOT eligible for funding include:

  • Items that do not directly benefit the organisation’s volunteers
  • Advertising, logos, banners, display boards, uniforms, badging, or other things that advertise your organisation/community group
  • Administration costs such as leasing, rental, hiring, labour, utilities, insurance and travel
  • Buildings, renovations and permanent fixtures - plumbing, kitchens, hot water systems, fencing, etc
  • Gift-cards (with the exception of pre-paid fuel cards)

The grant guidelines and Q&A fact sheet are both available on the Community Grants website here - https://www.communitygrants.gov.au/grants/volunteer-grants-activity-%E2%80%93-2019-20-volunteer-grants

To apply - please fill out your submission below before 8pm, Sunday 9th February 2020.

Applications chosen to progress to the next stage will be notified by Friday 14th February 2020. Nominated organisations will then formally be invited to apply for a grant and applications will be assessed by the Department of Social Services. 

Please contact the Oxley electorate office on 3879 6440 if you have any questions.