The Turnbull Government's Failed NBN

09 May 2017

I rise in the House today to bring to the attention of the House the poor and failing

record of this government when it comes to the NBN in the southwest of Brisbane. Time and time again we have

heard horror stories from local residents across Australia who are suffering at the hands of this Prime Minister

and this government. Local residents in Springfield and Springfield Lakes have had a gutful. I hear it every

single day when I am out in the community. The front page of this week's Springfield News says it all. People

are being stranded and left behind as a result of this Prime Minister's failure to deliver the modern 21st century

infrastructure that our community deserves. Time and time again people in business and the education sector

have raised with me that they are fed up with this government when it comes to their NBN rollout. The Hodgson

family of Springfield Lakes is just one example that this local paper has focused on. It says:

WHEN the Hodgson's home was linked to the National Broadband Network they were "beyond excited" to get

connected, but less than a month later they want their old service back.

Since switching to the NBN, their internet is averaging a download speed of four megabytes per second, and is

without any connection for about an hour a day.

For five days last month they had no internet or phone line at all and were forced to increase their mobile phone

data plans just to get by.

It is not good enough, and this Prime Minister needs to fix this mess.