Oxley Electorate: Vietnamese Schools

28 November 2016

I rise to speak about an event that I will be attending this Saturday. This weekend

I will be attending, as I have done in past years, to celebrate and recognise the achievements of our students at

Vietnamese language schools in my electorate of Oxley. This weekend I will be attending the graduation services

at the Trung Vuong Vietnamese Language School, which is based at Darra State School, and also the Lac Hong

Vietnamese language school, based at Glenala State High School.

Both of these schools have been operating in my community for decades. They provide a great cohesion for

Vietnamese students who are continuing to learn their language and culture, and they provide the diversity that

our suburbs are much known for. I would like to recognise the volunteers, the educators, the principals and the

parents who give up their time to support their students; in particular, my friend Khanh-Tien Truong, from the

Vietnamese language school at Darra, and also Mr Nguyen Vu, who for decades has been providing support and

inspiration for many young Vietnamese in our community.

These schools provide a vital link to make sure that young Vietnamese Australians continue the traditions and,

more importantly, connect with generations of their family that have called the south-west suburbs of Brisbane

home. I am proud to have supported these schools for many years and will do so in the years to come.