Oxley Electorate: Naval Association of Australia

20 March 2017

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Bundamba Naval Association to present

them with a new red ensign flag and to accept the honour of becoming their patron. With 80 branches throughout

the country, the Naval Association do tremendous work for out there-naval personnel, and the Bundamba branch

is certainly no different. President Gary Rankin, Treasurer Fred Kirby and Honorary Secretary Mary Kirby are all

outstanding ambassadors for the Naval Association and do a terrific job representing all of our ex-naval service

men and women.

I am particularly proud to be the patron of the Naval Association, as my late father, Alan Dick, served in the Navy

aboard HMAS Ararat during the Second World War. My father worked as a signalman on the upper deck on

board the HMAS Ararat on minesweeping missions in the newly captured Allied territory of Cape Gloucester,

New Britain, during a difficult time of the war. I am now proud to play a small role with the Bundamba Naval

Association, which is there to support men and women, just like my dad, who serve our great nation.

The naval association is not just a social club, although mateship is at the core of its ethos. Its slogan is: once

Navy, always Navy. It does important work in providing advisory and counselling services, advocacy support for

rehabilitation benefits, mentoring career advice to young members and, of course, assistance for Australian Navy

Cadets. I look forward to supporting the Bundamba Naval Association as its new patron for many years to come.