Labor To Boost Skills And Apprenticeships In Oxley

07 March 2017


Labor frontbencher Senator Doug Cameron will join Mr Milton Dick MP today to visit local businesses in Darra and Carole Park to talk about Labor’s plan to boost skills and apprenticeships.


Labor will boost numbers by ensuring that 10 percent of jobs on Commonwealth-funded projects to go to apprentices.


“Labor’s plan to boost apprenticeships is great news for our area. With a youth unemployment rate of over 13%, we need it urgently,” said Mr Dick.


“In this electorate the number of apprenticeships has fallen by 58 per cent under the Liberal National Party Government, from 3,203 in December 2013 to 1,479 in March 2016.


“That is a direct result of the Turnbull Government’s decision to cut $2.5 billion from skills and apprenticeships support.


“Our local businesses are doing their best to provide local Australian jobs, but we must see more action from the government to give them the support they need,” said Mr Dick.


“Labor’s plan will see apprenticeship numbers rise and the quality of apprenticeships protected, recognising that skills are a key driver of productive performance and economic prosperity,” said Senator Cameron.


“Contracts and funding agreements with the Queensland government will be contingent on major infrastructure contractors being part of Apprenticeship and Training Plans.


“Apprenticeship and Training Plans will link in with local TAFEs to improve skills and help more people gain trade qualifications,” said Senator Cameron.


Apprenticeship numbers in Australia have been in free fall under the Abbott-Turnbull Government. When Labor left office in 2013 there were 415,000 apprentices in training. The latest figures show apprenticeship numbers have fallen to 282,900. Trade apprenticeships alone have fallen 10.5 percent in the last 12 months.


Senator Cameron and Mr Dick will first visit Wild Breads in Darra, a local wholesale bakery that produces high quality, specialty bread for domestic sale and for export.


Senator Cameron and Mr Dick will then meet local apprentices on a tour of the Cummins Diesel Engineering facility in Carole Park.