Communities Environment Program - Stage 1

The Communities Environment Program will run over one year in 2019-20 as a measure to support small scale, community-led environment projects that address local environmental priorities in each of the 151 federal electorates across Australia.

It aims to support the environmental priorities of local community and environment groups in their regions and neighbourhoods, to recover and strengthen the environment and to build and strengthen local communities.

Grants between $2,500 and $20,000 are available to fund a maximum of 20 projects or a total of $150,000 per federal electorate for activities that protect and enhance the natural environment, support recovery of native species, encourage re-use and recycling and educational activities that build community knowledge.

Grant funding will be up to 100% of eligible project costs and should be scheduled for completion by 31 December 2020. Additional cash and/or in-kind contributions towards the project costs are strongly encouraged.

Nominees must have their own ABN and be one of the following incorporated entities, including but not limited to:

  • A not for profit organisation
  • Community Association (including Parents and Citizens, Parents and Friends groups and equivalent)
  • Indigenous not for profit groups.

The program’s objectives and intended outcomes, include:

  • Deliver positive environmental and social outcomes
  • Give communities the resources, skills and knowledge to care for the environment
  • Improved management of native species, including threatened species, and their habitat
  • Improved management of the environment, including coastal, wetland and riparian areas
  • Reduced levels of threats and risks to the environment, including from the impact of litter/waste, run-off to waterways, feral animals, diseases and weeds
  • Increased community knowledge of, and participation in, activities that protect and restore environmental assets
  • Increased community connection with the natural environment in their local area

Examples eligible projects include:

  • Science projects to collect and contribute information
  • Activities that protect and enhance the natural environment and/or support recovery of native species
  • Reduction of waste and litter
  • Reduction of threats and risks to the natural environment

Examples of ineligible projects include:

  • Activities where the primary purpose is to beautify or improve amenity (e.g. picnic tables, shelters, paving, landscaping, and gardening), with no (or limited) benefit to the natural environment
  • Planting of species that are known to be, or have the potential to become, an agricultural or environmental weed, this may include some native Australian species when planted out of region
  • Fencing of property boundaries.

The first stage of the application process is to identity your project and complete the survey form below by 9am Monday 2nd September.

*Please note only organisations and project sites based in the Federal Electorate of Oxley are eligible to apply through this portal. Please contact your local Federal MP if you reside outside the electorate for instructions on how to apply.

More infomation on the grant guidelines are available here.